The Intellectual Disciplines

Intellect – From the Latin intellēctus, meaning to understand.
– Science – From the Latin scientia, meaning ascertained facts and knowledge.
– Philosophy – From the Greek philosophía, meaning love of wisdom.
– Religion – From the Latin religiō, meaning a binding and conscientiousness.

Ignite Your Soul!

— 210 Scientific (The Finding of Facts)
——211 Physical Sciences
——212 Life Sciences
——213 Information Sciences

— 220 Philosophic (The Gleaning of Meanings)
——221 Venerable Philosophies
——222 Contemporary Philosophies
——223 Ascendant Philosophies

— 230 Religious (The Embrace of Values)
——231 Elemental Religions
——232 Fundamental Religions
——233 Experiential Religions

During that period of human history that we term The Enlightenment, the Intellectual Disciplines became trifurcated. Today it is widely held that science is to facts, what philosophy is to meanings, and what religion is to values.